What Do Women Want In A Boyfriend?

Whew, now there is a question! One that might be near impossible to answer. Women are as unique as snowflakes and each has her own set of likes, dislikes and desires. Some are attracted to sweet while others seek out the "bad" boy; some want to control, while others desire to be controlled.

While each woman is different and her likes are varied, the simple truth is that all women are attracted to pretty much the same traits-they can't help it, genetics give them a predisposition for it. They may seek out different personalities, but they will always look for long term relationships with men who display these traits.

Undeniably Attractive Traits

  • confident alpha maleLeadership - there is little sexier to a woman than a man who can take charge. Whether it's in the board room or the bedroom, the ability to lead is always a powerful tool.
  • Confidence - this one is a no-brainer. No woman wants to spend the foreseeable future with a man who isn't sure of himself. See this page for tips on how to appear more confident around women.
  • Fun - the ability to make a woman laugh will transcend almost any negative trait you may possess. Women are invariably drawn to men who are able to enjoy life in a playful manner. If you can put a smile on her face, then you can overcome just about any obstacle.
  • Intelligence - being able to carry on a decent conversation is going to be essential to a lasting relationship. Perhaps there is attraction and the sex is amazing, but eventually you will need to get out of bed and spend time doing other things. Even if you aren't the most intelligent person on the planet, then you must stay up-to-date and well informed in order to hold your own in the social world.
  • Sophistication - just about every woman prefers a man who is well rounded and cultured. This isn't something you can pick up overnight, but spend some time each day reading and brushing up on world news and customs.
  • Self Sufficient - financial wealth is always nice, but not always readily available. However, women do appreciate a man who can take care of himself and doesn't' constantly ask for money or favors.
  • Humble - while women enjoy confidence they often despise arrogance. Know the difference-any woman will tell you a confident man who is capable of humility is extremely sexy.
  • Sensitive - no, women don't want you to blubber at every sad movie; but they would like to know that you are capable of sensitivity. She wants you to be strong but needs to see your softer side sometimes.
  • Sexy - sexy comes in many packages. Good looks aren't all that it's about-often it's in the way a man carries himself or the way he reacts to and treats others. If you aren't blessed with the looks of a Greek god, remember that being clean, stylish and NICE will go a long way in giving you sex appeal.
  • Social - having a full social life is pretty much a given if you possess any of the above traits. Being socially active will show females that you have a full life which will in turn crank up her interest in you as a potential love interest.

While these traits are definitely not a complete list, they are a good place to start. Remember that all women are different and each is searching for her own unique blend of what she sees as perfection in the male form. Maybe she desires handsome and humble, or perhaps she is looking for sophistication and fun. Being able to convey at least a few of the above characteristics will help you on the way to not just understanding, but also becoming what women want in long term relationship material.

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