Evaluating A Woman's Interest

Determining whether a woman is buying what you're selling can be more difficult than any other part of the courting process. Modern romance is full of games and mixed signals, designed to protect both parties from being vulnerable. This can be very confusing when you are trying to tell whether a woman is interested, but there are a few simple questions to ask yourself to determine what a woman wants from you.

She's Into You! :-)

Despite women's reputation for being mysterious and confusing, there are a few dependable signs that indicate her romantic interest. A yes to any/ all of the following questions indicates that she is receptive to what you're throwing her way.

  • Is she smiling at you and then turning away? This is a classic indicator of female interest. The fact that she's smiling is obviously a good sign if it seems genuine. However, don't mistake her turning away for rejection. Her shyness is actually one of the key indicators of interest. She's interested enough to naturally be embarrassed and to thus try and appear coy.
  • Does she message you just to "say hi"? This is an undeniable interest indicator. This seemingly simple interaction says so much more than just hello. It shows you that she wants to interact with you and that she is comfortable enough to be vulnerable and establish contact first. Simple messages like these also show that you are on her mind.
  • Do you have a good gut feeling? Trust your instincts! There is no better indicator of how interested a woman is than that spark that you feel when you interact with someone that you are attracted to. Chemistry is unmistakable and it is the key element to romantic success, so make sure that you feel that you get that impression that she's into you from the looks that she gives you.

She's Not That Into You! :-(

Unfortunately, there are going to be women who are not going to be interested in you. Luckily it's pretty easy to figure out whether a woman is not interested by asking yourself a few questions about her behavior. It's best to spot these signs before you invest too much time or effort in an uninterested woman. Ask yourself these questions before spending too much time and money on a cold fish.

  • Is she ignoring texts or taking too long to respond? Unless she is working around the clock or has dropped her cell phone in the toilet, there is no real reason for a woman to ignore text messages from a guy that she's interested in. Another important aspect of text messaging interpretation is noticing how much she says. Does she act playful and try to keep the conversation going or is she responding in as few words as possible?
  • Is her social media full of interactions with other men? If this is the case, proceed with extreme caution. It's very likely that she is an attention-seeker who enjoys the confidence boost that she gets from men. Avoid this trap of endless narcissism and move on to a woman who will appreciate your interest more.

Whether a woman likes you or not, knowledge is the ultimate power. Don't be afraid to ask yourself the tough questions, using this article as a guide, in order to figure out who is worth your time. It's much better to learn and move on. There are millions of women out there waiting for you to sweep them off of your feet. Trust your instincts and be strong: the right one is out there.

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