Talking To Women

Having a little trouble meeting women? When you do manage to chat up an attractive lady, is it difficult to keep a conversation going for long? Talking to women doesn't have to be intimidating or embarrassing. A few simple tricks of the trade are all you need to start wooing women everywhere.

Striking up a Conversation

  • The right location. When looking to talk to new women, make sure that you choose an environment that's right for this. Don't go to a noisy dance club or a bar that's full of frat dudes. Pick a low-key bar with good music and a vibe that matches what you're looking for in a woman. Bonus points: pick a bar with billiards or darts for a fun activity while getting to know her. Click here for additional advice on where to meet women.
  • Bring a wingman. Single men in bars can give off an air of desperation. Avoid this by bringing a buddy with good conversation skills who can keep any possible interlopers entertained. Bonus points: bring a friend who's off the market to avoid possible competition.
  • Buy a drink. This may seem obvious, but it's all about timing. If you're making eye contact with a cute blonde across the bar, keep an eye on her drink. When she's almost empty, it's time to make your move. Bonus points: notice what type of drink she's sipping.
  • Know that she's just as nervous. A woman may seem confident and aloof, but most women are just as insecure as any man. Take advantage of your knowledge of this well-kept secret and remain confident! Bonus points: imagine her in her underwear.

Texts To Send To Girls

Keeping the Conversation Going

  • Ask about her. It's tempting to try and list off your assets to make yourself seem attractive. However, quiet confidence and genuine interest are really what is most attractive to women. Bonus points: ask about her pets and you're in.
  • legit seductionBe mysterious. Don't tell her your whole life story during the first conversation. Cover the big aspects of your life, such as job, hobbies and values. Leave some things to the imagination, such as past relationships, phobias and sexual proclivities. Bonus points: avoid cliché topics of conversation such as where you went to college.
  • Be playful. Don't be afraid to smile and touch her lightly whenever it seems natural. Try to avoid appearing stiff or rehearsed; being genuine reveals confidence and laughter is the quickest way into a woman's heart. Bonus points: ask her to tell you her favorite corny joke.
  • Know when to exit. Don't let the conversation go on past its expiration date. Talk to her long enough to show that you're interested and learn something about her, but not so long that you seem clingy. Bonus points: get her number before you leave instead of just adding her on Facebook.

Meeting new women is often a scary experience for men of all ages, but it doesn't have to be. With a plan in hand, talking to women can be simple and fun. Women are complex and mysterious creatures but winning them over only takes a few key ingredients: respect, confidence and sincerity. Remember to add these ingredients to your conversation with any woman and you're much more likely to get a second interaction.

Don't give up if this plan doesn't work for you with the first woman that you meet. Chemistry is important and it just won't be there with every single woman that you meet. Remember that there is that special lady out there waiting for you to sweep her off her feet with your respectful, confident and sincere conversation.

Additional info: watch this free video by seduction expert Joshua Pellecier to learn some simple techniques for talking with women.