The Basics of Flirting

girl flirtingFlirting with women is not the difficult knack that it may appear to be. In fact, men have been doing it since the beginning of time!

Any time that you are getting discouraged about your flirting prowess, just remember that it could be worse: praying mantis males have to do a dance to win over the female and then they are rewarded with a little bit of sex and a lot of decapitation. There are just a few basic guidelines for when you're flirting with any human woman that can turn any man into a master of the trade.

Flirting with Women Online

These days, it's becoming more and more common to meet people on dating sites. Even if you don't happen to meet that alluring person online, it's very likely that you'll end up talking (i.e. flirting) with them online at some point. This new form of interaction has its own etiquette and rules for success.

  • online datingsKeep interactions simple (especially the first one). Resist the urge to obsess over online messages and stick to simple, friendly interactions that show interest and your personality. Pretend that you're talking to a good friend while touching on interests that the two of you share.
  • Be straightforward. Women can't see your facial expressions or pick up on your body language so you have to be clearer with your words. Make your interest known through careful compliments that focus on what you genuinely find cool about her while avoiding purely physical compliments.
  • Be funny. Focus on showing off your genuine sense of humor in a natural, conversational way and forego the corny jokes. Once you're getting more comfortable with the interaction, a gentle and playful tease can often go a long way.

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Flirting with Women in Person

When you flirt with women face-to-face, regardless of whether she is a friend who you want to be more or a blind date, there can be a sense of anxiety. However, this is totally unnecessary as it can be much easier to flirt in person than it is online if you know just a few tricks.

  • kino touching flirtingTouch. One important way that you can make flirting in person work for you is through non-threatening touch. Non-threatening touch is casual and gentle. It is important to watch her body language when you are touching her to make sure she is responding in a positive way.
  • Eye contact. It is just as important to "touch" a woman with your eyes as with anything else. This doesn't mean staring into her with eye lasers until she explodes. Instead, try to catch her eyes in a natural way that should NEVER last for more than 1-2 seconds.
  • Be cool. Be confident that you are someone desirable - she wouldn't be talking to you if you weren't! Keep in mind that men probably try to flirt with her all of the time, but very few of them actually know how to interact with her successfully. Know that you have the upper hand as long as you are confident, genuine and sincerely interested in her.

With these tips and tricks, either memorized or scribbled on a note in your pocket, you have everything you need to successfully flirt with a woman. It's up to you what you do with this new knowledge. Flirting can be used for many different purposes: to practice for the real thing, to find a one-night fling or to turn that attractive woman in the bar into your long-term girlfriend. Wield your new superpower with care and try not to break too many hearts.