Why Text Message?

Text messaging is the second most popular form of communication, right behind instant messaging. Therefore it is very important to know how to text a woman when the need arises. A text message has many advantages over the ancient mating ritual called the"phone call". Some of these advantages are:

  • It's much more casual. Text messages are the perfect way to communicate with a womanthat you are just getting to know.With text messages; you are able to feel out a girl's interest without coming on too strong or showing your cards too early.
  • You have time to think. It's definitely an advantage to have time on your side when you're trying to show a girl how witty and charming you are. However, don't get carried away with your editing. Make sure that whatever you send sounds natural and shows off your genuine personality.
  • It's expected. Point blank: modern women expect you to text message them. They also expect you to set up dates and call them on the phone, but more than anything: text messages. If you only communicate with her through verbal phone calls then you'll probably scare her off and if you skip both then you're just dead in the water.

What is a Good Text Message?

Good text messaging is clear, to the point and free of any grammar or spelling errors. It's important to read over your message for clarity before you send it - make sure that it says what you want it to say since you may not have another chance. Avoid any boring text messaging clichés like "sup?" or "hey you". These messages don't show off your personality or interest and are much less likely to stick in her memory.

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  • Text messages to send a new acquaintance:
    "What did you think of the new episode of [TV show] last night?"< br /> It's important to start text message conversations with open-ended questions. This keeps her from having to do much work to keep the messages going. It's also important to focus in on a specific subject (such as a TV show) to keep the conversation interesting… just make sure she actually cares about that subject.
  • Text messages to send after a first date:
    "Man, I have been thinking about the nachos at [bar] all week! And even when I do take a break from thinking about nachos, I can't stop thinking about you!"
    This is a cute way to both show interest and playfully tease her in a way that is gentle. By mentioning thinking about the nachos before her, you make it funny while not coming on too strong.

Make sure that any text messages you send are interesting, clear and clearly aimed towards her. Bonus points if you can make her laugh.

Although text messaging may seem unimportant at first glance, it is an essential art in the dating world of today. You may get bonus points for occasionally ringing her up the old-fashioned way, but ultimately you MUST know how to craft an enticing text message if you want to land (and keep) the woman of your dreams.

Texts To Send To Girls