Ladies Love Confidence

confident man with cigarConfidence in your self is necessary to success in every aspect of life-whether you're looking for a promotion or looking to meet the woman of your dreams. Think about it for a minute: all leaders and successful business people are confident in their abilities to get the job done.

It goes without saying that exuding an air of confidence is definitely a way to ensure that women are interested in getting to know you a bit better.

Knowing that you need to appear confident and actually being able to do so are two different things, right? Well, let's take a quick look at some ways to look and act as if you are the confident man you know you can be.

Characteristics of Confidence

  • Posture. Nobody looks confident looking at their feet with their shoulders hunched over. You want to make sure you stand and sit up straight, with your shoulders back and your chest out. This is a general posture you should use all the time, not just around women. It will help your confidence in every situation, just be careful to not overdo it. Keep yourself relaxed and casual with your posture, not stiff.
  • Eye Contact. Timid or shy men will do anything to avoid looking intimidating people in the eyes. Suddenly the floor or ceiling will become very interesting. You don't want to go around constantly staring at people you are talking to, but don't be shy about looking them in the eyes when you're talking.
  • man in a nightclubEnunciate. Speak clearly and project your voice to be heard. By speaking in this manner you will ensure that what you say isn't lost in the background noise. Be careful not to overdo this one either, you don't want to seem as though you're shouting at people. That will get annoying real quick; just make sure your words are conveyed with a confident manner.
  • Dress The Part. Stay up to date on fashion trends, but don't exclude the classically stylish looks either. Take the time to shop for things that fit your body type and personality. You also need to be comfortable in what you wear, because there is no way to portray confidence if you feel odd in your own clothes.
  • Positivity. Smile and be positive. Nobody wants to spend time in the company of those who are constantly negative. If you are truly confident in yourself you will feel no need to be critical of others or other aspects of your day. Smiles are much more approachable than frowns and you will convey that you are happy as well as enjoying life.
  • Don't Be Afraid To Touch. You don't want to grope a woman on introduction, but don't be afraid to lay a hand on a shoulder or use a casual brush of the arm. By being confident enough to touch without worrying about a negative response, you re conveying that you are comfortable in her presence. Touch is also a key element of flirting.
  • Mindset. To convey confidence, you must actually be confident. One simple trick is to tell yourself that you are an attractive and confident male. Say it out loud to yourself, hearing does lead to believing; and eventually you will not only hear the words but will begin to take them to heart.

Don't spend time criticizing yourself. Accentuate your positive attributes and use them to your advantage. If you ask an honest woman, she will tell you that confidence and a good attitude will go a long way in helping a guy break the ice. Start with the above tips, build your confidence and don't be afraid.